Recipe: Black sesame dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame dumplings



  1. Warm water and add glutinous rice flour to form a dough

  2. Add black sugar and honey to the black sesame paste, mix thoroughly, taste it, and achieve your favorite sweetness (I don't eat lard, so no lard is added to the stuffing)

  3. The glutinous rice dough is divided into small portions, and the black sesame filling is divided into small pieces to form a sphere.

  4. A dough wrapped in a filling, rounded in the hands, wrapped in a dumpling

  5. After boiled in the pot, pour in the wrapped dumplings and cook until the dumplings float.


1, can also add peanuts, sugar osmanthus 2, the package of dumplings does not need to be very perfect, if the outer skin is not tightly packed, it does not matter, because the sticky rice is very sticky, the rice will stick together when cooking, the filling will not be exposed. Of course, too much exposure is definitely not enough.

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