Recipe: Black sesame dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame dumplings


The first time I tried to make a dumpling, the taste was good, and I kept the formula ratio!



  1. Black sesame seeds and white sugar are broken with a cooking machine. The more broken sand is, the better!

  2. Shattered black sesame seeds are mixed into the lard in advance, and the lard here must be solidified! To aroma, you can replace the lard in the formula with 20 grams of butter. The more lard, the better the sand effect!

  3. Black sesame seeds are frozen in the refrigerator for a while, divided into 10 grams of a small ball! Re-enter the refrigerator to freeze!

  4. Add glutinous rice flour to warm water of about 45 degrees, and into a soft dough, take 1/5 cooked and add the dough and mix well! Increase the ductility of the dough! Wrap it in plastic wrap to prevent the dough from drying out!

  5. After the sesame filling is frozen, take 15 grams of dough to make the dumplings. After wrapping, mix with glutinous rice flour! Refrigerate in the refrigerator!

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