Recipe: Black sesame brown sugar pancake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame brown sugar pancake


Use black sesame and brown sugar as fillings, brand a delicious pancake, bite a crunchy, sweet and fragrant, casual and nutritious.



  1. Add low-gluten flour to some hot water and stir it into a hazelnut shape. Then knead it into a smooth dough and cover it with plastic wrap for 30 minutes.

  2. Add black tea with sesame seeds and add a teaspoon of flour to the cooking machine to make a powder. Add brown sugar and mix it into a filling.

  3. The awake dough is divided into about 50g of a dose, rolled into a thin rectangular dough, covered with fillings, and then tamped with a rolling pin

  4. Roll up from the wide side, pinch both ends

  5. The edge is turned upwards as shown in the spiral

  6. Squeeze into a pancake, the thinner it is.

  7. Put a little oil in the pot and use both medium and small fire to cook both sides of the pancake.

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