Recipe: Black sesame and bayo sandwich

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame and bayo sandwich



  1. High powder 160g, low powder 40g, milk 150g, sugar 10g, salt 3g, yeast 2g 揉 evenly to slightly ductile, add a small piece of butter, continue to smash until the transparent film can be pulled out, complete the stage. Then add black sesame powder and continue to simmer for three or five minutes.

  2. Divided directly into 4 parts, spheronized, covered with plastic wrap for 10 minutes. Take the dough after the simmering, take it into an ellipse, then roll it up, pay attention to the tightness, do not have a gap

  3. Finally pinch, then roll a little longer, flatten the head and roll it into a fan shape

  4. Wrap the other end, knead, and pinch to death. Also do the rest of the three, cover the plastic wrap for 20 minutes. 1L water and white sugar in the pot boil, then open the minimum fire, put in the shell fruit, cook on both sides for 30 seconds, remove the drained water, put it in a dish with white sesame seeds and smear one side with white sesame seeds

  5. Place the side with the white sesame seeds in the baking pan. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, the middle layer, fire up and down, 25-30 minutes. You can cut in the middle and add onion rings, cheddar cheese slices, lettuce leaves, ham, tomato, or any sandwich you like.

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