Recipe: Black rice walnut paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Black rice walnut paste


Recently with the black rice bar, my sister really did not prepare for the black rice and walnut mixed and finally greeted me with such a fascinating pink purple. . The nutrition of Tai Nima is turbulent again! !



  1. The black rice is washed in advance for one night and then washed. The walnut is soaked in water and washed, and the two are drained for use;

  2. Pour the black rice and walnut into the blender, pour the milk into the mixture and mix it into a walnut paste.

  3. Pour the walnut paste into a milk pan after sieving it; (If you feel too much trouble, you can omit it. The fourth step of the glutinous rice flour should not be added, the taste is not so smooth and thick)

  4. Add appropriate amount of white sugar and a small amount of glutinous rice flour to heat it on a small fire. Stir and prevent the sticking pot while heating. At this time, the walnut paste will become more and more viscous. After a slight boiling, turn off the heat and serve.

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