Recipe: Black rice red dates mixed bean porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Black rice red dates mixed bean porridge



  1. All ingredients except rock sugar and black sesame (cooked) are washed and soaked. Among them, the lotus heart is about 1 hour, the red date is about 2 hours, the red beans, black beans, red kidney beans, and flower kidney beans should be slightly soaked for a long time, about 3 or 4 hours, black rice and bloody rice as long as it is soaked Peanuts do not have to be soaked and washed.

  2. Put the soaked red beans, black beans, red kidney beans, and flower kidney beans into the pot, then add the right amount of water according to the amount of all the ingredients and the need for the consistency of the finished product. The water should be added at one time. Can be pulled out but try not to add it separately)

  3. After the fire is boiled, turn to medium heat, cook until the beans in the pot have 7 or 8 minutes cooked (before opening), add red dates, lotus hearts, and black rice and blood glutinous rice.

  4. Continue to cook over medium and small fires. When the beans and rice are flowering, add the washed peanuts and continue to cook.

  5. When the beans and rice grains in the pot are soft enough to the extent you want, season with a proper amount of rock sugar, and then sprinkle with a large amount of fried black sesame seeds before turning off the fire.


1. The time for soaking various beans and rice grains must be determined by the difficulty level of the beans in each person. The easier it is to soak the beans and the rice, the time to soak it is relatively short, and the time of soaking should be relatively long; 2. The more difficult it is to cook soft beans, the rice grains should be put into the pot for cooking at the earliest, and vice versa. If you put it too early, the side is already soft and not formed. There is still a little movement there, and it will inevitably affect the appearance and taste of the finished product; 3, as long as you master these two points, everyone can cook a pot of delicious nourishing and fascinating "black rice red dates miso bean porridge"!

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