Recipe: Black Rice Pancake Black Rice Pancake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black Rice Pancake Black Rice Pancake


Recently bought a bag of black rice noodles, fell in love with the black rice series ???? black rice muffin than the original muffin taste micro Q no bubble powder protein version ~ this formula based on the original muffin adjustment



  1. Separate the three egg proteins and egg yolks, add the egg yolk to the drinking water and vegetable oil, and add 1 gram of salt to beat evenly.

  2. Mix low-gluten flour, black rice flour and milk powder, sieve into the mixture of egg yolk in step one, stir evenly with a spatula, do not circle, so as to avoid gluten, flour particles can be opened with a spatula, but do not stir too much (milk powder The amount of 15 ml refers to a flat spoon of 15 ml amount of spoon)

  3. The protein was beaten to a coarse bubble with an electric egg beater, and the fine sugar was added twice to achieve a dry foaming. (I like to reverse the eggbeater to check if the protein is in place, but don't reverse it directly. If it is not in place, it will be terrible. If you tilt it slowly, just pour the egg bowl and the protein does not flow. Already.)

  4. Add a portion of the good protein and add it to the black rice egg paste in step 2. Mix it evenly, then pour it back into the remaining protein and mix well. This process is similar to the final step of testing the hurricane cake.

  5. Be sure to use a flat bottom non-stick pan! Induction cooker gas stove, everything is good, must be a small fire, I remember to spread the muffin or the copper chopping pancakes are required to spread a cold towel to cool down, I am lazy, but there is no color card, but I use Is the induction cooker opened is a small wattage of 300 watts, each induction cooker does not know whether it is the same, I mentioned only for reference

  6. Use a non-stick pan so do not oil, choose a round spoon of the right size, a spoonful of batter spread a cake, the batter is fast, or the bottom is a circle, the batter is spread in the pot, then open Induction cooker, the minimum fire is slowly fried, this is a very long process. If you want to hurry, cover the lid, but cover the lid, it is not easy to color

  7. There are a lot of bubbles on the surface of the muffin, you can turn it over, and then wait a while, use the spatula to gently press the muffin is very flexible, it will not collapse or spread it~

  8. Spread the muffins and put them on the strawberry powder.


※ There are many kinds of muffins, such as butter, syrup or honey. The sugar of this formula can be eaten empty. Sweetness can be added. It is not recommended to reduce sugar less than 30 grams. Otherwise, it is really not. Taste ※Be sure to use a flat bottom non-stick pan, no need to brush oil and fry ※ This version of muffin does not add baking powder, but rely on protein to make the taste soft, pay attention not to defoaming 呦 ※ The amount of black rice flour is already near Half of the total amount of powder, regardless of addition or subtraction, the amount of low-gluten flour should be adjusted accordingly

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