Recipe: Black rice cake (hurricane version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Black rice cake (hurricane version)


Shantou prefers the black rice cake on the street. In order to let her eat a healthier black rice cake, I use it myself. I use black rice flour, buy black rice, wash it and dry it, buy a mill and buy it myself. powder. What I did this time was to integrate a few people's recipes, and it was not bad.



  1. Egg white yolk separation, egg whites are added three or four times to sugar to hard foam

  2. Add sugar, milk, salad oil to the egg yolk, mix well, add the powder through the sieve, stir evenly

  3. Add one-third of the protein cream to the flour paste, mix well, do not stir, then pour the flour paste into the meringue and mix evenly

  4. Pour the flour paste into the eight-inch cake mold, steam on the pot for 30 minutes, and simmer for 5 minutes after the fire is turned off (I used the electric steamer and steamed for 45 minutes). Take it out, put it down and let it cool.

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