Recipe: Black rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black rice cake


When I was having morning tea and eating snacks, I especially liked the black rice cake. It is a beautiful girl who is keen on sweets (๑•̀ᄇ•́) و✧, but a cage of four or five is really not enough to eat and then passed through the supermarket freezer. Selling but how to say it is not a very high price/performance ratio. I just like to do it myself. It’s a simple, not simple thing. I am too lazy to edit recipes~



  1. Black rice is soaked in advance one day, then the water of the rice is not completely left. The normal cooking water is put into the rice cooker.

  2. After cooking, add boiling sugar and add sugar to condensed milk to taste. See if you like sweet or light taste.

  3. I put the tasteful black rice into the tin foil mold. Because the tin foil molds that everyone buys are different in size, I can’t give the exact amount.

  4. Cut a knife or cut it with a kitchen scissors. The cut of the two flaps is like a little love. Just put it in the center of the black rice cake. I think it is convenient to use lotus instead of lotus seeds. And it’s nice to decorate.

  5. It’s good to steam on the pot for five minutes.

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