Recipe: Black rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black rice cake



  1. Egg protein isolate egg yolk

  2. Add 10 sugar to the milk, stir until the sugar is completely melted, add the oil, add the sieved black rice flour, and mix evenly.

  3. Add egg yolk, stir well, don't force too much

  4. Send the egg to the egg, and lift the eggbeater to have a sharp angle.

  5. Protein paste egg yolk paste is evenly mixed, use the mixing method, do not draw a circle of mixing, easy to defoam, resulting in the cake can not be made, mixed into a delicate cake paste, poured into the mold into the pre-heating (at the beginning of mixing) You can start the steaming in the steamer with the water and the preheating of the oven. 25-35 minutes, suffocate for 5 minutes after the fire is turned off, open the lid (see if the toothpick pokes into the cake paste, it is not cooked.) ), out of the pot, take off after a little cold, sprinkle with sugar sweet-scented osmanthus, open to eat. It is best to steam in a bamboo steamer to avoid water vapor dripping onto the cake. My 6-inch solid bottom mold, put the bamboo cage too high, put it directly in the pot, the top cover is covered with bamboo cage, steamed out is perfect.


The basic practice is similar to the hurricane cake, using the post-egg method. Black rice flour can be bought ready-made, or you can use black rice mill yourself.

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