Recipe: Black rice bean cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black rice bean cake



  1. Black rice and water are soaked for half a day, then the rice cooker is cooked into black rice for use.

  2. I have already done well before the bean paste. Here is a brief description of its practice: red beans + water in a pressure cooker boiled, and then crushed with a rolling pin. Open a small fire, put a little water in the pot + ice sugar to open, then stir the crushed bean paste mud, the water is almost dry.

  3. Look for a clean lunch box, brush the oil at the bottom and the surrounding area, apply a layer of black rice and press it flat. The middle layer is covered with bean paste and pressed and flattened. The third layer is covered with black rice and pressed flat. The surface can be sprinkled with sesame seeds and the like according to your own preferences.

  4. Finally, the rice box is the original picture I made, and you can cut any shape.


Black rice is softer to cook, and its viscosity is better.

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