Recipe: Black porcini scallop eggshell rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Black porcini scallop eggshell rice


This is a no zuo no die recipe. . . The combination of Black Boletus and Antai Bridge of Xiantai Mountain.



  1. First clean the eggshell, knock the eggshell on the head, make the hole smaller, then wash and dry.

  2. Bolete boletus and scallops, wash before soaking, then soak in warm water. (I have soaked together) the water in the bubble is kept.

  3. The boletus edulis are diced and the scallops are torn.

  4. Start the oil pan, then sauté the porcini and scallops, add rice, stir-fry, add a little water, salt, and pepper.

  5. Cook the rice and let it cool and pour it into the eggshell.

  6. Steam in the pot for 10 minutes and go to greasy.


If you don’t steam the eggshell, you can’t steam it. It’s a little oily (in fact, it’s more oily ==)

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