Recipe: Black pepper yellow fried oyster mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper yellow fried oyster mushroom


I bought some oyster mushrooms in the morning and suddenly wanted to try the feeling of yellow fried mushrooms. Just did not buy mushrooms - use this oyster mushroom. This is the amount of two people.



  1. Put the butter in the pot and melt it in a small fire. Add the chopped garlic cloves and fry the garlic.

  2. Add the flat stir fry, juice, simmer the juice, then add salt to taste. Then put in the freshly ground black pepper, the amount of personal preference, I like a little more. When the juice becomes thick, it will come out. It’s hot and enjoys the smell of cold butter.


It seems that you should add milk to your understanding of the milk fragrance before you do it. I started to know that the original milk scent comes from butter, not milk~

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