Recipe: Black pepper steak with arugula

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper steak with arugula


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  1. The steak is washed with kitchen paper to dry the surface. Use a knife to gently smash the beef.

  2. Sprinkle salt on the steak, freshly ground black pepper, smear olive oil, repeat the same operation and marinate for one hour.

  3. Dry the pot until it is hot, and throw the whole piece directly into the pot without adding oil to the pot. One side of the fried side is enough to turn it over. It is enough to avoid moving the steak frequently and turning it over frequently, which will cause loss of gravy. Fry a big fire for a minute and a half, and adjust the time according to the thickness of the steak and the maturity you want to eat.

  4. Turn off the fire and pour a small spoonful of red wine into the pan.

  5. In the plate, the fried steak is still 2-3 minutes to re-absorb the gravy, otherwise the juice will overflow after the cut, and the taste will be firewood. In the process of waiting, take a small piece of butter to taste.

  6. I personally think that only the taste of the steak is too simple, the steak and the arugula are perfect, then cut a piece of lemon and squeeze a little lemon juice. When cutting the steak, the essence of the gravy in the dish is mixed with lemon juice super delicious.


1. The thin and thick steaks are more fun to fry. The same steak will be cooked at seven and eight minutes. 2. Frying steak is best to use a thick-bottomed pot to fry a nice pattern. If you don't want to use a thick-bottomed iron pan, the thick-bottomed pan is evenly heated and the heat preservation effect is good. The steak is delicious and has a lot to do with the pot.

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