Recipe: Black pepper steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper steak


I make steak at home, and the black pepper juice is also made by myself. .



  1. Steak the steak with a knife back and marinate it with salt and black pepper for an hour. .

  2. Put the butter in the pot, the steak, and usually cook for one minute on medium heat. .

  3. Put an appropriate amount of black pepper and salt. .

  4. Black pepper juice practice:

  5. Onions and garlic cuts can be cut and broken. .

  6. Stir the steak in a pot and put the onion and minced garlic in a small sauce. .

  7. When the onion is a little bit, put salt and black pepper, and put in water (just like a bowl bottom)

  8. The fire is harvested. .


Don't have too many onions, you can have two spoons. . One or two petals of garlic can be used. .

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