Recipe: Black pepper steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper steak


Steak bought in the eye of MDL steak, friends brought back, a piece of steak 200g, 16 yuan, the price is still pretty good. The key is that the daughter likes to eat, and every time she cooks, her daughter can finish it. The first time that the first time is not too fried, it is a bit old and not good. Later, I checked the information and mastered the gas stove at home. The frying heat is getting better and better. Every time my daughter said that I only need five mature. On TV, I often see foreigners wanting three mature, five mature steaks, I am wondering, how to eat this bloody. I did it myself to know that the five mature steaks were indeed much better than the full-cooked steaks. Steaks are fried and sprinkled with salt and black pepper. Too much seasoning will destroy the taste of the beef itself.



  1. Heat the pan and add the olive oil to the steak, sauté the fried noodles and fry the other side. Cook in 7 minutes.

  2. Put in the dish and sprinkle with black pepper and salt

  3. Green beans, carrots in water, boiled in water, oil, cooked, ready to fish out

  4. Stir-fry the green beans and carrots in a frying pan and season with salt.


1. The fire is going to be hot. 2. Steaks are turned straight in the pan. 3. Black pepper should be enough.

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