Recipe: Black pepper steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper steak


In the kitchen, I have been in the state of cooking with reference to other people's practices. I have to say that today I am determined to prepare a recipe for myself. Steak is one of my favorite foods and must be eaten every week. Not doing it yourself is eating it outside. Why are you not tired? I was thrown into a place where only steaks were, how happy I was. Just pity the cows. My approach is simple.



  1. This piece is a supermarket-packed steak. After thawing, remove the excess water from the steak with kitchen paper.

  2. Then sprinkle some pepper and salt for one to two hours.

  3. Pour the olive oil into the pan to warm the oil

  4. After the oil is preheated, put the steak on a frying pan and then fry on the other side. Each side can be plated in about one or two minutes.

  5. The vegetables prepared this time are the stems of the kale, cut into a well with a knife and the flowers will bloom. Put the previously prepared kale in the water, add the oil and salt, and then remove the plate after cooking.


You can put the vegetables and fruits in the trays in advance, and finally put the fried steaks out on the plate, so that you can eat hot and beautiful.

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