Recipe: Black pepper sauce ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper sauce ribs



  1. Cut the ribs into small pieces, wash them, filter the water, add a little soy spice powder for about half an hour, add the appropriate amount of starch paste, put it into the oil pan and fry until golden brown, pick up the spare.

  2. Green peppers are seeded and cut into thin strips. After the tomatoes are boiled in boiling water, they are peeled and cut into small pieces. The garlic is minced.

  3. In the middle of the fire, leave a little oil in the pot, put a little salt, pour the minced garlic and tomatoes, stir fry until the tomato paste rotten the juice, pour in the green pepper, stir fry for about two minutes.

  4. Pour the fried pork ribs, add two tablespoons of black pepper juice, add a little sugar, stir well and then serve.

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