Recipe: Black pepper sauce, red pepper, chicken nuggets

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper sauce, red pepper, chicken nuggets


Black pepper-flavored chicken nuggets Sticky and tender,



  1. (1) Prepare a red pepper slice

  2. (2) Garlic head shot flat 3

  3. (3) The chicken legs are cut fast, I cut 3 pieces. Marinate with salt and a little soy sauce and sugar. Sprinkle black pepper, preferably granules. About 1 hour.

  4. (4) Start the pot, first the garlic head is scented, then the red pepper pieces are copied and dried.

  5. (5) Pour oil and put in chicken pieces. Black pepper sauce can also be added.

  6. (6) Stir fry until the surface is golden yellow, add water to cook. About 5 minutes or so.

  7. (7) Add some sweet potato powder and water to thicken. It is sticky. Loading.

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