Recipe: Black pepper sauce fried leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper sauce fried leg



  1. After the sheep's hind legs are cleaned, the fascia and leg bones are removed, and a half-inch thick piece is made.

  2. Adding wine, soy sauce, onion silk, ginger powder, black pepper, a little salt and sugar, etc., grab the clams by hand, pour the wine into the meat, marinate for more than 2 hours.

  3. After broccoli is smashed into small flowers, soak in light salt water for a while, rinse and then simmer and cool with salted water.

  4. Hot pot into olive oil, when the heat is 50 or 60%, put it into the leg of the leg, and fry it on one side for 1 minute, then turn it over and fry until it is not bleeding with the fork.

  5. In addition to the clean pot, use a little oil or water to mix the black pepper juice, rice wine, black pepper, oyster sauce, sugar and mix it into a thick sauce, and pour it on cooked leg of lamb. Serve with broccoli or other vegetables.

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