Recipe: Black pepper sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper sauce


I used to go to the steakhouse to eat, I liked the black pepper steak, so I groped for it and made it taste really good! Worth trying!



  1. For small fire, add two teaspoons of vegetable oil. You can also use butter. The butter is more fragrant. After you turn it off, let go of the onion, cut the garlic (preferably broken), stir-fry the onion and softly.

  2. Put in soy sauce, oil consumption, tomato sauce, white sugar, salt stir fry, the whole process is a small fire, remember to do it must add water

  3. It can be added with milk or cream to make it taste. After the sauce is thick, finish.


The so-called right amount, everyone's taste is different, I think it can be done, black pepper do not put too much, it will be very spicy. The onion that I made this time was not cut too much, I felt that I didn’t do it last time (✪▽✪)

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