Recipe: black pepper rib

Home Cooking Recipe: black pepper rib



  1. Garlic with garlic press

  2. Onion 2/3 diced, 1/3 shredded

  3. Cut the pepper into a diamond

  4. Heat the olive oil in the pot and fry the cowhide on both sides.

  5. Net pot into the butter and open the fire

  6. Add garlic and onion to sauté

  7. Add black pepper, white pepper, tomato sauce, soy sauce, a small amount of salt and stir well. Add the broth and cook for 10 minutes.

  8. Add fried cowboy bone stir fry

  9. Add the colored pepper, onion and chicken.


1. When the cowboy bones were bought, they were salted with spices such as salt and black pepper, so the birds were used directly for frying. So if you buy a cowboy bone that has no initial processing, you must pick it up! 2. Beef does not need to be fried, stir-fried too cooked, eight or nine points will be fine, otherwise it will not be tender if it is old!

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