Recipe: Black pepper pork neck

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper pork neck



  1. Pork neck meat, onion green red bell pepper, cut into a spare bowl, put a flat spoon of black pepper juice (Lee Kam Kee) and add water, add a little bit of raw powder and mix thoroughly.

  2. Cut pork neck meat, put wine, sand tea, soy sauce, oyster sauce, (slightly) marinated for more than half an hour

  3. Put the oil in the pan, pour in the marinated pork neck and stir fry. The oil is not needed here. The pork neck is very oily. When the meat turns golden, it can be put on the plate and the remaining oil in the pan. Pour up, pour in onion green pepper, red pepper, stir fry and add a little salt chicken, then add the fried meat to the onion, then add the black pepper sauce before the selection, on the plate


The first time I took the recipe, the photos didn’t go up, and I’ll fight for it next time.

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