Recipe: Black pepper pork chop rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper pork chop rice



  1. After the rice is steamed, break up an egg.

  2. Today's pork chop does not need bread crumbs, no frying, prepare a little flour and add an egg.

  3. For pork tenderloin, take a small piece and beat it with a meat hammer or a knife back into a large slice, then marinate it with a seasoning of bacon. This way the pork chops are tender and tasty.

  4. Wrap a layer of flour on the surface of the marinated pork chop and shake off the excess flour

  5. Soak it in the egg liquid for 15-20 minutes, so that the flour on the surface of the pork chops can fully absorb the egg liquid.

  6. Prepare a broccoli, knead it into a small dish, wash it in boiling water, put it in a large container, add salt, garlic, sesame oil and mix well.

  7. Discharge the marinated pigs into a frying pan, stir-fry the oil, and simmer in medium and small heat.

  8. On the rice, the pork chop is cut and placed on the rice.

  9. Finally, make a little black pepper juice for two people: two tablespoons of oyster sauce, two tablespoons of soy sauce, two spoonfuls of water and a small amount of black pepper, a little bit of sugar, boiled and simmered a little bit, poured on pork chops and rice. Can have dinner

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