Recipe: Black pepper pesto bacon pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper pesto bacon pasta


Still like this pasta, there are Jiaojiao bacon, thick garlic, spicy black pepper and slightly dry noodles! So cool!



  1. Put half a pot of water in the pot and +1 tsp of salt to boil until the water is open to the pasta for 2 servings. Cook until the noodle core has a little white spot to drain the water.

  2. Chopped garlic cloves, bacon chopped granules

  3. Put a little olive oil in the pot and fry the bacon until the bacon is slightly zoomed. Add the garlic to the garlic and stir-fry it. Add some sea salt and black pepper to your taste. Can make a pot!

  4. I like to make a little bit of taste, so it takes a little longer to fry the pasta. It is best to stir the noodles so that it is delicious!

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