Recipe: Black pepper, oyster mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper, oyster mushroom



  1. Corn peeling, color pepper washing and cutting small pieces, garlic flaps, Pleurotus eryngii sliced

  2. Put a proper amount of oil in the pot, add the garlic cloves, add the pepper, stir fry

  3. Spread the amount of black pepper and stir fry

  4. Into the corn kernels, stir fry until broken into golden yellow

  5. Put in Pleurotus eryngii, fry until broken

  6. Put a little salt, then sprinkle a little black pepper and stir-fry


1, do not worry about the color pepper, very resistant to speculation. 2, the color pepper is sweet, so this dish does not need to put white sugar 3, black pepper to see if you like it, like to put more 4, Pleurotus eryngii will not have a lot of water, so put it in the end and stir it.

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