Recipe: Black pepper, honey, pork chop

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper, honey, pork chop


Nothing to steal a piece of music - how to do it with my sister's mouth and pork, my mother also intentionally or unintentionally mentioned it, I hope I can do some pork. Well, to eat or do it yourself, this power has existed for a long time, like the sweet meat, so the amount of sugar is increased, the surface is also painted with honey, the meat is spread throughout the corridor when roasting, that incense Yo! If you haven't cooled it, you can tear it up and taste it. Hey, with the taste of Meizhenxiang, you can lose weight, please spare. . .



  1. Meat filling: If it is stirred up, buy it again, and then add it to increase its glue.

  2. Mix all the seasonings with the meat, stir it with a chopstick clockwise until the meat absorbs all the material, and it is sticky

  3. After mixing evenly, you can taste the taste less. If it is not salty, you can increase the salt or fish sauce. If it is not sweet, add sugar. Remember that the taste of the meat is sweet, the sugar can not be saved, and the salt is not too salty.

  4. Cover the tasted meat with a plastic wrap and let it sit for a while, for about half an hour, to make the taste blend.

  5. Put a plastic wrap on the panel, flatten it, and sip a spoonful of flavoured meat.

  6. Then tear a plastic wrap and use a rolling pin to make the meat sandwiched between the two layers of plastic wrap as thin and uniform as possible.

  7. Connected with the upper and lower cling film together, the whole meat is flattened and placed in the freezer of the refrigerator.

  8. Then, the other meat stuffings are also leveled separately, and the layers are stacked and placed in the freezer; the middle is preferably separated by kitchen paper to avoid sticking.

  9. The freezing process is about 1 hour. When the freezing is good, preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

  10. Brush the net, remove the frozen hard meat, quickly tear off the upper and lower layers of plastic wrap, put it on the baking net, send it to the oven, and connect the baking tray with tin foil to the baking process. The oil dripping down; (I have tried this method here, it seems that it is not feasible for me, it is best to put tin foil on the baking net, or directly put the frozen meat in the baking tray, it is roasted The process will ooze a lot of oil)

  11. Don't leave, wait until the meat is baked until the color is white, take out the first time

  12. Then continue to bake, turn it back every few minutes, until the two sides are slightly burned, you can take out the next one, bake a piece for about 15-20 minutes, see the size decision

  13. Brush the honey and tear off the white sesame seeds. After a little cold, cut them into small strips with a knife or kitchen scissors.


1: This recipe comes from 潇潇, thank you! 2: The fish sauce in the formula is indispensable. If no oyster sauce can be used, the taste will be inferior;

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