Recipe: Black pepper fried salmon steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper fried salmon steak


Today, I saw a salmon platter in the supermarket. A big piece was only 6.15 yuan. I thought I could make a fried salmon chops. It is also a high-class dish. I bought it home because the shape of the fish steak was not regular, and the surrounding meat was thick and thick. So I cut the fish around the fish steak and made 7 or 8 slices of sashimi, and the rest was used for frying. I only used two kinds of seasonings, which is quite similar to the salt-fried chicken wings, but the taste is really delicious, much better than the chicken wings! After searching, the kitchen king seems to have no such practice (with black pepper sauce), so how can the cheap and delicious things be missed, so I wrote the recipes.



  1. Spread the salmon with salt and black pepper and marinate for half an hour (the curing time can be mastered).

  2. From the oil pan, fry the salmon steak, fry until the side feels loose and then turn over to continue frying.

  3. Fry until golden on both sides, pan out and sprinkle with black pepper. If you feel that the salt is not enough, you can sprinkle some salt and pay attention to it.


1. When salting, the salt should be put enough. If the saltiness is not enough, the smell will be obvious. 2. The fish chops are not too broken because they have fish bones to support them. Don't be afraid when turning over. 3. Frying is the ordinary frying method, do not need to cover the pot or something... 4. It is very important, the meat on the fish steak is not too thick, too thick, the meat in the middle can not be fried, not so delicious. PS: Recently, many parents have tried this dish to see if everyone's practice is to use thick salmon meat. It is better to use fish bones and meat attached to the top. Second, the meat is tender enough, and the third is that the meat is less convenient to taste and not too fatty. When the salmon meat is used, especially when the meat is thickly cut, the taste cannot be entered, and the finished product is greatly reduced.

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