Recipe: Black pepper, crab, mushroom, fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper, crab, mushroom, fried meat


Simple and delicious black pepper quick-boiled dish, the pork that is fried in this dish is as delicious as black pepper beef! The scalded crab-flavored mushroom has no astringency and is very smooth and very spicy.



  1. Pork/beef slices, then add black pepper powder, sweet potato powder, sesame oil, soy sauce, and marinate for about half an hour, so that the fried meat is very tender.

  2. The crab mushroom is rooted, washed, and boiled in boiling water to remove the astringency of the mushroom.

  3. Green peppers and red peppers are cut into pieces, and the onions are cut into pieces, and the garlic is crushed with a knife back.

  4. Heat the wok hot oil, put the garlic on the musk, add the marinated meat to the discoloration, and set it up for use.

  5. Heat the wok and heat the oil. After the garlic and the onion are sautéed, stir the fried crab mushroom and sauté the black pepper powder.

  6. Put the green pepper, red pepper, and meat in, then put the black pepper powder and oyster sauce, stir fry evenly, and fry for about 1 minute.

  7. Finally, add a little salt to taste, the salt is not much, because the salted meat has been added with salt and soy sauce, black pepper powder and oyster sauce also added a lot of flavor.

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