Recipe: Black pepper crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper crab


Su Crab Club reminds: The hairy crab is delicious and can't be eaten.



  1. First remove the crab umbilical from the crab crab crab, open the crab cover, remove the crab stalks like chrysanthemum petals on both sides, and remove the crab intestines, stomach and heart, then rinse them into four large pieces and soak them in Alternate in rice wine.

  2. Put the starch on the cut surface of the crab crab crab to prevent the crab meat from spreading and locking the gravy. The oil is hot, put the crab pieces into the quick stir fry, stir fry a little.

  3. After stir frying, put it out for spare, melt the butter from the pot, fry the garlic, ginger, pepper and onion, stir in the black pepper, pour the oily crabs, add some water or broth to boil. , thicken, in order to make the pepper more intense, then sprinkle some black pepper powder, diced green onions to cook.

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