Recipe: Black pepper chicken chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper chicken chops


How do the tender and juicy black pepper chicken chops? How to make ordinary white chicken or broiler chicken to make the taste of the chicken, try this chicken without oily health version.



  1. Choose the meat near the chicken leg, even the skin, marinated with black pepper, pepper, chili powder, sugar, salt, cooking wine. The ratio is adjusted according to your preference, and there are no strict requirements. When making chicken chops, it is best to use the bottom frying pan, so that the heating is relatively uniform, it is not easy to get rid of the chicken skin, I use the cool Fez single-handle pot, although the minimum fire is open, but the chicken chops are very cooked. The water is also locked in, and the maximum degree of nutrition is not lost.

  2. Heat the pot, put the marinated chicken skin down, don't put oil

  3. A small fire for 10 minutes will force the fat in the chicken skin

  4. Turn one side, small fire for 8 minutes

  5. Pour off all the oil, turn it over again, and simmer for 1 minute.


Most of the supermarkets are printed with various farms and pastures, and all the natural grasslands, artificial breeding, and green ecological foods are all foods from factory feeding and assembly line operations. Therefore, people often complain that food is not delicious when they are young, and most of them are the result of this modernization. We can't expect that the beef, chickens and ducks we bought are all raised in small green areas. There are ways to cook according to the materials, it seems to be more pragmatic. In supermarkets and farmer's markets, the most common ones are ordinary broilers and white-striped chickens, which are cheaper to handle. You can buy some back on weekends, marinate it with your own simple sauce, refrigerate or freeze in the refrigerator, and thaw at any time. The taste is also very good.

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