Recipe: Black pepper cheese fried chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper cheese fried chicken


It’s done indiscriminately, but the taste still feels good, so let’s share it.



  1. Cut the chicken in the direction of the fiber, add the freshly ground black pepper, freshly ground white pepper, freshly ground garlic powder, Kraft's cheese powder, salt, olive oil, and starch.

  2. After the stillness of the chicken, add low-powder and water to stir slightly to the state of the paste (the paste can be easily adhered to the breadcrumbs). It is also possible to add the egg mixture.

  3. Prepare a plate and pour it into the bread crumbs. Roll the chicken sticks in the bread crumbs and evenly spread the bread crumbs. Heat the oil and fry. After the plate is served, sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.


1, the formula is simple, suitable for people who have a certain basis for cooking, such as fried fire, please master according to their own experience, I feel that Fang Zi wrote unclear to bypass other references. The oil temperature at the beginning of the frying can not be too low. After the chicken is put in, the bread crumbs are not easy to shape and fall more. Of course, it can't be too high, it will paste. After the shaping, you can turn the small one to ignite and fry. Before the pan is turned, the fire is hot and fried, which is good for crispy and no need to re-fried. The production is correct, the outer mouth is supposed to be crisp, and the chicken inside should be relatively tender. If the chicken is not tender, it may be that the early pickling effect is not good and the frying time is too long. 2, salty and light, more starch, less seasoning, these problems are based on their favorite taste. Cheese powder can also be used with other brands. Black pepper and white pepper are better with freshly ground. There is no need to add garlic powder. If there is onion powder, it should be effective. 3, chicken can be all the bread in advance, simmered together in the pot, do not fry the bread and simmer into the pot, so the oil temperature is not good change control, the first put the paste, and the unreleased. 4, do not mix with Chinese spices, the taste will become very weird, such as put black pepper, but also put Chinese pepper or barbecue or paprika or cumin powder. If you want to make Chinese seasoning taste, you can directly change the corresponding recipe.

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