Recipe: Black pepper beef slice (with color pepper)

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper beef slice (with color pepper)


Generally, the burdock is used for stewing, the burdock is used for halogen, and the beef meat is bought by chance. It is said to be the tenderest lean meat of the cow, so it is fried and fried, and it is really not very delicious!



  1. Niu Lin meat sliced, about half a centimeter thick, with cooking wine and salt for a while; color pepper cut into pieces;

  2. Put the oil in the pan, slightly more than usual, and cook the beef slices until it is hot.

  3. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add black pepper juice, stir fry until the foam is added, add the black beef, add the black pepper, stir fry, add the pepper, adjust to medium heat, add salt and stir fry. Pot sprinkle shallot


1. The beef slices should be thinner, but don't be like the beef slices. If you fry it, you won't have the taste of meat. 2, black pepper flavor to eat into the beef, so before putting the colored pepper into the black pepper flavor. 3, when you fry beef, put a thumb-sized butter will be very fragrant. 4, colored pepper can be eaten raw, so after adding colored pepper and salt to taste, you can immediately go out.

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