Recipe: Black pepper, beef, enoki mushroom roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper, beef, enoki mushroom roll



  1. Put the mushroom into the water, remove it, drain it, and wash it with the mushroom.

  2. The fat cow is boiled to the half-boiled and immediately fished out.

  3. Rolling mushroom with fat cow

  4. Roll the mushroom into a frying pan until golden brown, set the fire, and put on the saucer.

  5. Sauce: Add fuel, soy sauce, sugar, black pepper to the pan according to personal preference, and pour over the mushroom


Step 1: Mushrooms usually come out first, even first cooked, the rumors of mushrooms are somewhat toxic. Step 2: The fat cow is hot, in order to remove excess oil impurities, and it is convenient to wrap the mushroom

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