Recipe: Black Pepper Beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Black Pepper Beef


Black pepper is one of the first spices exported to the West in Asia and is now an outstanding spice in Europe and North America. In the hearts of Europeans and Americans, black pepper is the same as salt. Black pepper has a moderately spicy and pleasant aroma, and the main aromas bring a fresh, citrus, woody, warm and floral overall taste. After the black pepper seeds are ground, the sauce is a kind of flavor extraction. The grinding process causes the aromatic substances to be released and volatilized, so the freshest and most complete flavor is desired. The whole pepper seed is ground and added to the ingredients. Recently, it has been found that beef is only selected and diced. Stir-fried with Pleurotus eryngii, only salt and black pepper are delicious. Want to stir up the tender beef, in addition to the meat itself, a certain factor, as long as the fire can be fried quickly (this method is suitable for frying a certain thickness of beef, such as Ding, such as Hangzhou pepper beef tender. Like fried steak, need a big fire to seal the juice But if the beef is cut into thin slices, how to fry it will be tender, no difficulty, as long as the time to fry is not too long. Cut into silk is easier to tender.). Stir-fried oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, stir-fry until slightly coke, take out spare, stir fry fresh beef diced (1cm square), add color to the oyster mushroom, stir fry and add salt And the freshly ground black pepper is ready to go out. After the plate is loaded, you can sprinkle some black pepper and taste better. This method is suitable for people who like the original taste. (2014.9.27) Cooking meat is a very interesting process. The temperature can change the texture of the meat, the meat will harden when cooked, and it will be elastic and easy to chew. The gravy will then begin to ooze and become juicy. Continue cooking, the gravy will be boiled, and the elastic flesh will become hard. If you cook for another hour, the muscle fiber bundle will be destroyed and scattered, and the hard meat will begin to decompose. Therefore, when the meat is fried, the short-cooking of the fire can make the meat tender, and if it is too much, it will become old, and when cooked for a long time, it can become a beautiful dish. (2014.10.14)



  1. Cut the beef into small pieces, add the appropriate amount of black pepper sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, black pepper, and evenly. Pour in a little bit of cooking oil and grab the well. Leave the plastic wrap for 30 minutes. Onion diced alternately.

  2. Put the oil in the cold pot. When it is 80% hot, put the onion and beef into the pot at the same time. Stir fry quickly for 1-2 minutes, and the beef can be cut off.

  3. Before the pan, you can sprinkle an appropriate amount of black pepper and serve it according to your taste.


1, black pepper sauce is purchased in the supermarket. If you don't have black pepper, you can also marinate the sauce yourself. The basic seasoning is soy sauce, sugar, oil, black pepper, chicken, and a small amount of starch. In this case, it is necessary to put more pepper and compare it. 2, beef can choose lean meat with less fat. 3, cooking time depends on the size of the beef, as well as personal methods. Stir-fry for too long, the taste will harden. 4, the purpose of the fire is to seal more meat, to ensure the tenderness of the meat. Quick stir fry is to make the heat evener. Written in a small article after being recommended, the method of fried beef comes from the "Food Classics" (2014.9.27). I have published a recipe for black pepper beef. The general practice is to put black pepper juice, oyster sauce (raw soy or Soy sauce, etc., starch and other seasonings, pick the beef grains and marinate for a while before cooking. This has always been my thinking of making beef. The beef I made is indeed relatively tender, but it is a matter of experience, and I rarely think about it. I recently read a small article about fried beef, which subverted my experience in the cooking of beef. The first question of fried beef, what beef is used? If you only talk about speculation, many parts can be fired. The most slippery thing that can be fried is the waist meat and the willow meat. Here, mention the meat, which refers to the thin and smooth part of the beef's waist, hips, legs, etc., which is often used for steaming or frying in Cantonese cuisine. There is not much meat in a cow, but there are not many willows, but the willows are more than the waist. The willows are slippery and the waist is smoother. I want to fry delicious, not to use meat. When I wrote here, I suddenly remembered the plum and plum meat that we are familiar with, that is, the plum blossom meat. Is the plum word connected with this piece? I have to feel that our ancestors’ research on diet is really profound. Which meats for the waist, hips, etc. correspond to what kind of meat we are familiar with in the market or in the supermarket? Baidu has a related introduction, share it for reference only, if there is something wrong, you can comment and exchange. The tenderest part of the beef is the Fillet, which corresponds to the 11 in the picture above, also known as the beef tenderloin. The meat fiber is very fine, and the oil flower is small, which belongs to the inner side of the oxen. It is best for stir-fry, or it can be cut into small cylindrical shapes for frying steak. Secondly, the tender part is the eye (Ribeye), corresponding to the segmentation diagram 9, also known as the short rib, the rib eye, and the upper brain, the outer ridge (in fact, I do not know what is the difference with the outer ridge below, Interested in Baidu beef segmentation terminology, a more detailed understanding, it seems that the same part will have a more detailed distinction, with English words to describe it will be more precise), belonging to the chest back. The muscles in this part are not always active, and the meat is very soft and juicy. It is evenly covered with snow-patterned fat and therefore slightly fat. Once again, the tenderness is 10 for the striploin, and the tender waist and the flanks on both sides. The meat is tighter than the eye meat 9 and is suitable for barbecue. The price is also cheaper than the eye. Followed by the cutting method of beef, cut the horizontal stripes with a thin knife, and cut the thickness of each piece. If one piece is cut too thick and one piece is cut too thin, it will be found that some of them are too old and some are not cooked enough. Chopped beef with a little protein marinated for two or three hours. The protein contains gray matter, which acts to make the cows more slippery, and the protein itself has aroma and is better to be fried. Never add salt or oyster sauce before the beef is placed in the pan. After the beef experience and the oyster sauce are marinated, the beef will shrink. The result of shrinkage is thick and tough. The final method of frying, if you can first make the beef in the oil oysters (Huoyin) better, but the home cooking will not always have oil, the oil does not find a suitable explanation, the general point seems to be low temperature and Stir-fry the oil after the scalp. When the beef is fried, the fire should be red enough. Generally, the fire is going to be strong. The fried beef can be used to seal the gravy. The beef is fried until it is cooked until it is cooked. It is mixed with a small amount of oyster sauce (ie starch, water, oyster sauce). Reconcile and smash into water, and evenly spread the plate. The amount of oyster sauce must be moderate, not too much. After eating the beef, there is no oyster sauce on the dish to be qualified, otherwise it is not "芡", but steamed fish or steamed meat.

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