Recipe: Black pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper


Spicy pork chop with homemade black pepper sauce and delicious taste. The attraction of this dish is that it is simple and easy to do: the preparation process takes only a small amount of time and the cooking process is simple. When paired with the ingredients in the photo, it feels like a very good burger stuffing, which is layered and laid out on the plate. Hey! Maybe they can be assembled into a burger! If you like pork chops, you may like to match my [Fried Steak] recipe:



  1. The first is the pickling of meat. This requires preparing the minced garlic in advance. About 100g of meat is prepared for a clove of garlic. Take the packaged garlic with a knife and cut it into pieces.

  2. Cut the pork you bought into the appropriate thickness (about 0.8cm), evenly sprinkle with salt, black pepper powder (can be replaced with freshly ground black pepper), chili powder (if you eat spicy), sugar, and just cut. For the minced garlic, pour the cooking oil and spread the seasoning by hand. Marinate for more than 1 hour.

  3. Remove the marinated pork and shave the minced garlic on a plate. After the pan is hot, adjust to medium heat, put the meat directly into the pot, fry the first side for about 2 minutes, then turn over.

  4. When the second side is fried for one minute, spread a small piece of butter in the pan, put the pork on the butter, slowly fry the fire, and observe the cross section of the meat (or cut it when the flavor is saved). A knife) Look at the cooked condition, when you are fully cooked, you can go out.

  5. If the meat is still cold, continue to use the pot to quickly mix the black pepper sauce. Add a little water to a small bowl, simmer a little oil and mix well. Add the right amount of black pepper powder (or black pepper). Prepare a little water starch in another small bowl.

  6. Pour the minced garlic that has just been scraped into the pan and saute. Pour into the semi-finished black pepper juice. After being opened, pour the appropriate amount of water to thicken the starch and close the pan.

  7. Pour the black pepper sauce over the cooked meat chop, served with vegetables and staple foods (such as tomatoes, broccoli, fried egg, mashed potatoes, pasta...) and you're done!


The practice stems from the practice of seeing the bar chops in a show long ago, while drawing on the top sirloin practice of “being the kitchen”. Pork is better cooked than beef, because even if the fire is over, it is not easy to be old, but the taste will be dry.

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