Recipe: Black olive cream cheese bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Black olive cream cheese bag


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  1. 1 Stir all the ingredients of formula A except butter until the expansion stage, then add the butter to the film.

  2. 2 Add the black olives of the material B and mix well. The final temperature of the dough is 26 ° C. The black olives are not cut too much.

  3. 3 Basic fermentation for 30 minutes, continue to ferment for 30 minutes after turning over

  4. 4 Divide the dough into 4 pieces of oval-shaped plastic wrap, and ferment for 20 minutes in the middle.

  5. 5 The dough is pressed and exhausted, and the average material is coated with C cream cheese, which is folded from the outside to the inside, and the mouth is pressed tightly to form an oval shape.

  6. 6 Final fermentation for 40 minutes, sift the flour, cut 2-3 cuts on the surface.

  7. 7 Feed into the preheated oven, spray water quickly to make steam, and bake at 220 °C for 15-20 minutes.


1 oven temperature according to the temper of their own oven to regulate 2 black olives, cheese can be added or subtracted according to personal taste or change 3 natural yeast I use the 1:1 powdered apple powder, no one can try other

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