Recipe: Black molasses soy milk pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: Black molasses soy milk pudding


Very simple and fast low-calorie desserts, soy milk and brown sugar are all girls' fetishes, how much more to eat ~ [[[The following materials can make two containers with a capacity of 250ML]]]



  1. 7g gelatin tablets are soaked in cold water, dampened with water, mixed with 30ML water, and simmered in a microwave oven for about 20 seconds until the gelatin is completely melted.

  2. 420ML soy milk (commercial soy milk) is poured into the milk pot. Heat it to a slight boiling on a small fire. Add the gelatin solution to the fire. Stir well and pour into the mold. Bring it into the refrigerator for more than 3 hours.

  3. Make brown molasses: mix 50g brown sugar and 25ML water into the milk pot, heat it to a slightly viscous boiling shape, turn off the heat and cool

  4. Pour the cooled black molasses on the solid soymilk pudding according to your taste.


If you are using brown sugar, please break it with a food processor and make black molasses.

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