Recipe: Black garlic beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Black garlic beef


Learned in the kitchen, small changes. It tastes good, I like it very much.



  1. Cut the beef into a small spoonful of black pepper, half a teaspoon of salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, half a spoonful of oil, two tablespoons of starch, and half a dozen eggs. Grab the hand by hand. Marinate for a few minutes into the bottom

  2. Add some parsley stems to the bacon.

  3. Peel two garlic and cut off the garlic

  4. Put a little more cooking oil in the pot, put the garlic cloves in the fried golden and remove them.

  5. Put the marinated beef in the oil that has just been fried in garlic and stir-fry it. The surface of the beef is broken and the meat is yellowish on all sides.

  6. Pour out the oil from the meat in the pan, add the butter in the wok, pour the beef into a small fire, then add the soy sauce and cooking wine.

  7. Add sugar, transfer to oyster sauce, and put a spoonful of black pepper

  8. Put the fried yellow garlic and fry for two minutes to let the garlic taste. You can also put some coriander and stir-fry the pan.

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