Recipe: Black garlic beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Black garlic beef


Black garlic beef granules is a local special dish in Tianjin. It is difficult for Tianjin Wei to find out in other places. This dish is made with Chinese and Western ingredients. Although it is not a complicated cooking process, it is necessary to do some work. In fact, it is simple to add a pair of seasonings to ensure that everyone can make a good taste. Black garlic beef granules, as the name suggests, garlic and beef are necessary, just like three cups of chicken, although it is three cups of raw materials, but which is so simple? "Butter, black pepper, oyster sauce" is the soul seasoning for this dish. If you don't put these three things, the taste is definitely a thousand miles away, but if you add it, there will be no big difference.



  1. The beef tenderloin is cut into 2 cm pieces, and marinated with egg white, black pepper powder, a little oyster sauce and starch for 10 minutes.

  2. Heat the vegetable oil in the pan, pour in the pickled beef grains and take it out.

  3. In another pot, put the butter into the pot and put it into the garlic. Add the garlic to the golden brown. Pour in the beef and mix in the appropriate amount of oyster sauce. Stir in the black pepper.


1. Beef tenderloin will be smoother and tenderer. 2, black pepper is divided into two forms, the taste will be better, if there are conditions, you can use freshly ground black pepper, taste better 3, because the oyster sauce itself has saltiness, so this dish does not need to put salt again. 4, many restaurants will sprinkle a little sesame and fragrant when the food is served, can be added according to personal preference.

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