Recipe: Black fungus yellow cauliflower fried konjac

Home Cooking Recipe: Black fungus yellow cauliflower fried konjac


Vegetarian lunch, one of the dishes that the cat teacher loves to eat, will also send some vegetarian moon dishes in the future for reference by other mothers. Of course, eating is also very good.



  1. Day lily (golden needle flower) and fungus bubble hair remove the hard place, after the snow konjac is dry and soft, squeeze it while squeezing it. Dutch beans are washed a little to go to both ends

  2. The fungus is shredded or cut into small pieces, and the snow scorpion is cut into small pieces, and the ham is shredded or diced.

  3. The old ginger slices are scented with black sesame oil to a slight wrinkle;

  4. Add a bowl of water and add the right amount of salt.


The konjac is very absorbing juice, so add the seasoning immediately after adding water. During the month, try to put some salt on it. During the non-month period, you can add a little soy sauce and sugar to taste.

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