Recipe: Black fungus, white fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Black fungus, white fried pork


White [Sexual taste] cool, sweet, light. [function] heat and thirst. Diuretic dehumidification.



  1. Black fungus hair shredded, meat shredded, simmered white shredded, shallot shredded (scallion white and green)

  2. From the oil pan, add the scallion, then fry the pork until it is discolored

  3. Put in white and black fungus

  4. Stir-fry until the white becomes soft, transfer to the right amount of soy sauce, a little bit of sugar to taste

  5. The green part is put in at the moment, and it will be stir-fried a few times.


You can also add carrots and stir fry. If you like to eat other flavors, you can't give up the taste. It is also very good to change the taste of the mustard.

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