Recipe: Black fungus shredded pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Black fungus shredded pork



  1. First cut the lean meat into silk, add the raw powder and mix it for 10 minutes. Black fungus and red pepper are cut into pieces for use.

  2. Put the oil in the hot pot, add the ginger and garlic to the sauté, then add the lean pork. After the fire is quickly fried to the discoloration, put the black fungus and the red pepper. Continue to stir the stir for about two minutes and then add the salt and chopped green onion. And soy sauce


The effect of black fungus: nourish and stomach, qi and strengthen the body, blood and stop bleeding. It is suitable for all types of bleeding patients (including hemorrhoids bleeding, nosebleeds, hemoptysis, fundus hemorrhage, women's menorrhagia, etc.), but also suitable for obesity, diabetes, anemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. And black fungus is flat and beneficial, All diseases are unscrupulous.

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