Recipe: Black fungus bursting

Home Cooking Recipe: Black fungus bursting



  1. . Wash the pig's waist, cut in half, remove the white film

  2. . After cutting, cut into the waist

  3. . Add water to the pot, add ginger, add a little cooking wine

  4. . Put the water into the waist after boiling

  5. . The waist flower can be removed after discoloration, draining the water for use.

  6. . Heat the pot, put a little oil, add the ginger and minced garlic after the oil is hot.

  7. . Put in a hot waist

  8. . After a few frying, put the black fungus in the hair

  9. . Stir fry for three minutes, add the diced green pepper

  10. . After frying, add a little salt

  11. . Add the right amount of chicken essence

  12. . Add a little soy sauce and stir fry evenly.


1. If you want to buy fresh cashews, you must clean the white film, otherwise there will be astringency; 2. Add ginger and cooking wine to the waist and remove the astringency of the pork loin; 3. The color of the waist flower can be removed, and the taste will become old after a long time.

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