Recipe: Black fungus burning chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Black fungus burning chicken


Black fungus burning chicken ~ used fresh chicken and dried fungus, the chicken is tender and smooth, the surface of the fungus is thick with spicy sauce, with steamed white rice and a bowl of the simplest tomato egg soup The mother who came back from work is very happy~~~Children’s shoes are learning to do it for the loved ones~~~



  1. The chicken is washed and cut into pieces; the black fungus is washed repeatedly, and the root pedicle is selected, and it is torn into small pieces, warm water, and the ginger is washed and sliced, and the green onions are washed and cut.

  2. The pot is set on fire, the refined oil is refined to 60% heat, and the chicken pieces are slightly fried and fished out.

  3. Leave a little oil in the pot, heat until 40% heat, put the watercress, ginger, green onion, add chicken and stir-fry, soy sauce. At the same time add cooking wine, pepper, sugar, add water and simmer until the seven mature, pour the fungus.

  4. Put salt, soy sauce, burn until the chicken is soft, use a big fire, wait until the juice is thick, put the MSG, chicken essence, water starch thicken, turn the pot and evenly, start the pan and serve in the pan.


Pharmacology: The nutritional value of the chicken is as high as the price. My family is caught by relatives, fresh and beautiful~ Black Fungus It has the functions of benefiting Qi, moistening the lungs, nourishing the brain, light body, cooling blood, stopping bleeding, intestines, promoting blood circulation, strengthening the mind, and nourishing the body.

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