Recipe: Black fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Black fungus


The corn shoots, that is, the small corn, are the small and tender ears of sweet corn, which are eaten together with the seeds and ears. Therefore, it has the flavor of ordinary corn and is more crisp than ordinary corn. Black fungus, mushrooms and corn shoots are rich in plant protein and dietary fiber, which have a very good laxative effect and improve immunity. In particular, middle-aged and elderly people who have constipation habits insist on eating, and have a good effect on preventing various diseases of the elderly. Let's do a laxative to improve the immunity of the fungus.



  1. Water black fungus into small pieces

  2. Washed corn shoots, cut

  3. Carrot washed slice

  4. Soaked mushrooms, washed, remove the mushroom pedestal

  5. Oblique knife cut into pieces

  6. Heat the pan, pour the oil, use minced garlic and half a chives

  7. Put in mushrooms and stir fry a few times

  8. Add corn shoots, carrot slices and black fungus

  9. Stir fry, add the right amount of salt, chicken and sugar to taste (add sugar, fresh, there is diabetes)

  10. Put some diced green onion before the pan, stir fry evenly

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