Recipe: Black forest cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black forest cake


Generally speaking, the practice of the Black Forest is very simple. Bake a chocolate-flavored hurricane or sponge cake and slice it into three pieces. Take a slice, brush the cherry wine, smear the cream, and sprinkle with black cherries. One slice, cherry wine, whipped cream, black cherry - cover the last piece. Finally, smear fresh cream around the cake and sprinkle with chocolate crumbs. Finished. Of course, if you discuss the authentic Black Forest cake, it is more complicated than this. It is said that there are regulations in Germany that there must be at least 80 grams of cherry juice in the cream of the Black Forest. There is even a saying that the authentic Black Forest cannot be used. Flour, but must be baked with nut flour. If you follow this standard, then the Black Forest we are eating now is basically a cottage version. This recipe comes from Sakura's blog



  1. First, an 8-inch chocolate hurricane cake is baked according to the method of making the hurricane cake. (Making a chocolate hurricane, mixing low-gluten flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder to replace the flour in the step)

  2. After the baked cake is cooled and demoulded, it is cut into three pieces.

  3. Send the whipped cream with powdered sugar (if it is a vegetable butter cream, it has sugar, so you don't need to add sugar). Take a hurricane cake, brush the cherry wine on the surface of the cake, then apply the whipped cream and spread the chopped black cherries.

  4. Cover the second piece of hurricane cake, compact, brush the surface of the cherry wine brush with a brush, apply the whipped cream, spread the black cherry

  5. Cover the third piece of hurricane cake and compact it. Apply whipped cream to the outside of the cake and sprinkle with dark chocolate. Squeeze 16 cream flowers on the cake surface and put 16 full black cherries


1, the black forest cake embryo, in addition to chocolate hurricane cake, you can also use chocolate sponge cake, use any of your favorite chocolate sponge cake recipes can be. 2. If you can't buy cherry wine, you can use rum or brandy instead. If it is for children, it is best not to drink alcohol, you can use cherry juice instead. 3, chocolate shavings can also be prepared a little more, when applying layered whipped cream, you can mix some chocolate shavings in fresh cream, the cake taste is quite good. 4. When sprinkling chocolate chips, do not touch the chocolate crumbs directly with your hands, otherwise it will melt on your hands. Use a squeegee to shovel the chocolate crumbs, gently stick to the side of the cake, and sprinkle it on top of the cake. 5, Black Forest cake is very simple, even if the cream is smeared casually, as long as the last stick of chocolate crumbs, the appearance will not be too far. Therefore, if the chocolate chips are cut well, it is very important.咱Cut your own chocolate at home, usually with a knife, it takes time and effort, and the chocolate can not be taken directly by hand, you must wear gloves or a towel, otherwise it will stick to your hands. I recommend a method here (this method, I also said in Weibo, I am used to seeing my Weibo classmates, I must have known it already) Cut the chocolate into small pieces, heat it with water and stir constantly to melt the chocolate (the temperature is not too high, there is no water in the chocolate bowl, 1 drop of water is enough to destroy the texture of the chocolate, making it agglomerate and not melting) Pour the melted chocolate into a large flat plate. After the chocolate in the flat plate has solidified, use a large spoon to scrape it on top. How about? A large piece of beautiful chocolate crumbs is produced.

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