Recipe: Black chicken yam soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Black chicken yam soup


It was said that the day I went to the vegetable wholesale market and saw the fresh yam, which was quite fun. The soup was used in Huaishan. The owner of the dish told me that the selection of yam should be a big one, and the whole body should have dirt, so it would be no problem to store it for two months. The premise is how much to eat each time, and then the part that does not eat can not be washed off. . Happily bought a big home, cut 1/3 first to soup, see how it works. I don't like to eat Huaishan, but I like it, so I don't waste it. O(∩_∩)Ohaha~~~ I don't know how to taste ginger. I don't like the original taste. Unless the squid soup, it must be a lot of ginger. O(∩_∩)O haha~



  1. Wash the fresh light black pheasant to the internal organs, chicken skin and buttocks, and cut into pieces.

  2. Cut the yam into pieces and soak it in clear water to avoid discoloration.

  3. Wash and spare

  4. Water casserole in a casserole

  5. The fire is boiled, the bleeding is sputum, and the black-bone warm water is removed and washed.

  6. Re-do the water into the casserole, add the black-bone chicken, yam and oysters. After the fire is boiled, turn the simmer for 2 hours and then add the appropriate amount of salt to taste.

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