Recipe: Black chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Black chicken soup


Silky fowl is rich in protein, and its protein content is more than duck meat and goose meat. Black-bone chicken is also rich in melanin, which can play a role in red blood cells and hemoglobin hyperplasia in the human body. Therefore, black-bone chicken has been considered as a nourishing top grade since ancient times. Make some ingredients in the house~ Dinner for a black chicken soup~ I feel very refreshing~



  1. The black-bone chicken is cleaned~ other ingredients are also cleaned~

  2. Inject a proper amount of water into the casserole~ Boil the fire~

  3. All ingredients are under the pot~rAfter the fire is boiled, turn to the simmer and continue to simmer~ Dinner time is up and you can enjoy the sweet black chicken soup after seasoning.


The inner liver of black-bone chicken must be exhausted~ Some people say that the chicken head for more than three years will be poisoned~ Although there are very few chickens for more than three years, I still remove all the chicken heads every time. Chicken PP and chicken paws must also be It is safer to get rid of this. Someone will simmer the chicken soup beforehand but I don’t have this habit~ Personal preference~ I always feel that the nutrients are lost after flying water~ It’s a simple soup but it tastes good~ Haha~

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