Recipe: Black-bone red jujube soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Black-bone red jujube soup



  1. Cut the black-bone chicken into chunks, wash it, pick up the water and pick it up (when you are drowning, order a little cooking wine to go to the pot)

  2. It is best to use a casserole, put the placed pot on the fire and boil it. When it is turned on, turn off the small fire, the smallest! For four hours, turn off the fire! Salt, be sure to put it back, put it in about three hours, so that the chicken is easy to rotten and can taste

  3. Steaming can also be done, put all the ingredients into the stew, add Shaoxing wine and hot water, seal the plastic wrap, prevent steam from flowing into the pot, dilute the taste of the soup, steamed into the pot 3, and finally season. Steamed soup is clear and transparent


Black-bone chicken (mashed) soup has the best nourishing effect. Do not use a pressure cooker when cooking, use a casserole to simmer slowly.

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